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At Foodie Bugle Towers we love small, family run businesses. Harriet Campbell’s beautiful homewares business, Hunter Gatherer, is run as a mail order catalogue company, from her house, which used to be an old dairyman’s cottage in Hanford near Blandford Forum, Dorset. Harriet set up the business in 2002 so that she could work from home while raising her children. She began making natural pine cone firelighters and found that all the magazines wanted to feature them. She had the idea for some washable, cotton bowl covers (see below) when she decided she did not want to use plastic clingfilm anymore. At the Country Homes and Interiors Rural Business Awards 2010 her bowl covers came runner-up, and that gave her the confidence to start selling them on a bigger scale.

We are always hard pressed to choose what to buy from Hunter Gatherer, so if we could have just two small, frugal things then we would choose these two:

The Apple Pad

At only £3.95, what a smart way to take down kitchen notes or make small “don’t forget” lists. Each leaf is a small piece of paper.

The Cotton Bowl Covers

You get a pack of 6 for £11.50 (2 large, 2 medium, 2 small). They are made of cotton, and come with really good austerity messages. Forget the clingfilm, these are far more ecological for covering left-overs.

As a fan of The Foodie Bugle, Harriet has graciously offered to give away two of the bowl cover packets to the first two readers who e-mail her with their address. Thank-you Harriet.

Contact her at:

[email protected]

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