Masala Monsoon Garam Masala Blends

Sumayya Usmani is a Pakistani cookery teacher, food writer and cook who enthuses about the recipes and heritage of her homeland. In The Foodie Bugle Shop we are stocking her three delicious Masala Monsoon Garam Masala spice blends, flavoured with fragrant rose, jasmine and marigold flower petals.

The spice blends come in small jars and they can be used in cooking anything from rice to fish, meat, seafood, curries, stews, breads, and also soups. My favourite way to eat the Rose Petal Garam Masala is for breakfast – sprinkled over yoghurt or porridge with apples, nuts, honey or seeds. I have also used the jasmine and marigold blends as rubs to marinade chicken, to add to a pan of fried prawns, mixed in rice and as a base for a spicy, wintry root vegetable soup.

Masala Monsoon blends are quite addictive, not too hot and so easy to use. If, like me, you want full flavours and heady fragrances in your food, but also appreciate the convenience of ready-mixed ground spices, then your larder should not be without this collection.

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