November Recipes from The Kitchen Garden

“Dull November brings the blast,

Then the leaves are whirling fast.”

Sara Coleridge {1802-1852}

Dull it well might be but there are certainly three of the very best ingredients the cook can enjoy in November: fresh celeriac, scallops and chestnuts.

For the November edition of The English Garden magazine I have written a series of recipes that are frugal, fast and flavoursome.

Celeriac, apple and bacon soup

Creamy leeks with scallops

Chestnut, Orange, and Cointreau Meringue Puddings

Gardeners are far too busy to spend the late autumn and early winter months indoors to cook and wash up. They have leaves to rake, compost bins to fill, beds to put to rest for the winter and heaps of seed catalogues to browse through to make plans for the year ahead.

If you buy the magazine, I hope you enjoy cooking the recipes, all photographed at my home by Jason Ingram, with sub-editor Victoria Mason. If you want to subscribe to the magazine you can do so here.

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