Stitched Boxes from Sheffield ~ Sturdy, Strong and Solid

In our day-to-day sourcing, we at The Foodie Bugle Shop are always wanting to champion British manufacturing, and were intrigued to find, via the excellent website Make It British {on Twitter @MakeItBritish}, that the Stitched Boxes company was making sturdy, wire stitched cardboard gift and archive boxes in Sheffield, Yorkshire.

The customer service is excellent ~ their sales team send out samples of little boxes and cards, so that you can decide which weight and colour you want ~ you can even have the boxes embossed with your company logo or website details if you like. But plain boxes are best, I think, because then the recipients can use them as their own.

So now our customers can choose anything they want from our online shop, from artisan foods and drinks to housewares, linens, toiletries, stationery or vintage, and we can wrap it all up in tissue and brown paper and send it in a stitched box.

Choose whatever you want to buy, then click to buy a box that is big enough to package all the goodies {the small box is 20cm x 20cm x 12 cm and retails at £5.00 and the big box is 30cm x 30cm x 15cm and retails at £7.50}. The photographs show you how much each box can hold.

We will do all the rest.

Under the box there is a Made In Britain marque sticker, which can only be obtained through the Made In Britain Campaign. This provides total authenticity of provenance.

The boxes can then be re-used for storage of recipes, tea boxes, jam jars, cookie cutters, seed packets or linens ~ their use is limitless.

They are made of really strong 1250 Micron Kraft cardboard, and the lids slide over the top securely.

Wherever we can, we will continue to source our products from mainland Britain ~ we are fortunate that our customers believe in British design, manufacturing, skills and jobs and are willing to support this effort. God bless Blighty!

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