The Bath Cookbook Club

The Foodie Bugle receives cookery books every month from publishers all over the world that would like an informed review.

I would like to create The Bath Cookbook Club, which will meet once a month at Society Café in Bath. I will bring the cookbooks in and hand them out for free to club members. The next time we meet we can discuss the merits of the cookbooks: are the recipes simple, easy, frugal, well written, empirically correct, beautifully presented? I will then write up our opinions in a review published in The Foodie Bugle. Of course everyone is welcome to write reviews on their own Blogs and websites.

You can also bring a cookbook you want to recommend, but you have to be prepared to lend it to another member to review. No celebrity chef books – thank-you.

The aim is to bring together like-minded cooks, foodies and readers to chat over good coffee, cake and sandwiches, comparing and contrasting ideas, recommendations and referrals. We will cook the books and spill the beans.

Membership is completely free and everyone chooses and pays for their own food and drink at the till.

Details of The Bath Cookbook Club

Date of first meeting: Friday, 19th October 2012

Time: 3pm onwards {will probably last a couple of hours or so}

Place: Society Café in Bath {on Twitter: @SocietyCafeBath}

Bring: Notepad and pen

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