Ultra Blue Monster Taste

What Does Ultra Blue Monster Taste Like?

Quick Answer

Ultra Blue Monster is often described as having a light berry flavor, with nuances of blueberry and citrus. Some people liken it to a less syrupy blueberry lemonade or blue raspberry drink. Taste perceptions can vary, but many note that it has a cleaner finish compared to traditional, sugar-sweetened energy drinks.

What Is Ultra Blue Monster?

Ultra Blue Monster is a flavor variant of Monster Energy’s Ultra line of energy drinks.

This line is marketed as a zero-calorie or low-calorie option with zero sugar.

The Ultra Blue version specifically offers a berry-flavored drink with hints of blueberry and citrus.

It’s designed to give you an energy boost without the high sugar content commonly found in other energy drinks.

What Does Ultra Blue Monster Taste Like?

First Impressions

Initial Aroma Upon Opening the Can

As soon as you crack open a can of Ultra Blue Monster, you’re greeted by an inviting aroma that offers a prelude to the flavors you’re about to experience.

The scent is reminiscent of mixed berries with a hint of citrus, providing a sensory clue that you’re in for a multi-layered tasting experience.

The aroma is not overpowering but rather pleasantly inviting, serving as an introduction to what lies ahead.

First Sip: What to Expect

Your first sip of Ultra Blue Monster is a blend of anticipation and satisfaction. The immediate hit of berry flavor confirms the aroma’s promise, capturing your palate with a harmonious blend that is neither too sweet nor too tart.

Since this is a zero-sugar beverage, you may expect a certain flatness or an artificial aftertaste, but that’s not the case here.

The drink delivers a clean, crisp taste that is surprisingly close to a lightly sweetened berry beverage.

Predominant Berry Notes

Ultra Blue Monster is a dance of berry flavors, albeit a more subdued one compared to traditional, sugar-sweetened energy drinks.

On the first sip, your palate is greeted by a dominant berry essence that leans towards blueberry.

However, the taste is far from a monolithic berry explosion; it’s nuanced and complex, avoiding the syrupy heaviness you might find in some berry beverages.

Citrus Undertones

What makes Ultra Blue Monster intriguing is its subtle citrus undertones. As the berry notes begin to mellow, you’ll detect a faint tartness that can be best described as citrusy.

This adds a layer of complexity to the drink, keeping your taste buds guessing and engaged. It’s this secondary layer of flavor that prevents the beverage from becoming one-dimensional and gives it a refreshing kick.

Mouthfeel and Texture

Ultra Blue Monster offers a smooth mouthfeel, with fine carbonation that adds a slight fizz but doesn’t distract from the flavor. It’s not syrupy or heavy, thanks in part to its zero-sugar formulation.

The texture is quite refreshing, making it easy to sip without feeling overwhelmed by a cloying aftertaste.

It strikes a balance between being full-bodied enough to savor yet light enough to make for an easy, refreshing drink.

Comparisons with Other Beverages

Similarity and Differences with Other Monster Flavors

Ultra Blue Monster is one of several offerings in Monster’s Ultra line, which also includes flavors like Ultra White and Ultra Red, among others.

While each of these beverages shares the zero-calorie, zero-sugar baseline, their flavor profiles are distinct. Ultra White, for instance, leans towards a citrusy taste, while Ultra Red offers a more cherry-like flavor.

Ultra Blue’s unique contribution is its more nuanced berry and citrus blend. Unlike some of the other flavors that focus on a single fruit, Ultra Blue offers a multi-dimensional taste experience.

Comparison with Other Brands’ Berry-Flavored Drinks

When pitted against berry-flavored energy drinks from other brands, Ultra Blue Monster holds its own. Some competing brands may offer an initial punch of flavor but lack the subsequent layers that Ultra Blue provides.

Additionally, while many other berry drinks rely on sugar to bolster their flavor, Ultra Blue’s zero-sugar formulation allows the natural and artificial flavors to take center stage, providing a cleaner, more balanced taste.

Comparison with Traditional Blueberry or Berry Drinks

When put side by side with traditional blueberry or berry-flavored drinks, Ultra Blue Monster stands out for its lighter touch. Traditional berry drinks, especially those with high sugar content, can often overwhelm the palate with their intensity and leave a syrupy aftertaste.

In contrast, Ultra Blue Monster opts for a more balanced approach. Its zero-sugar formula allows the flavors to shine without being masked by excessive sweetness.

This makes it a preferable choice for those who appreciate subtlety but still want a flavor-forward experience.

Ultra Drinks Lineup

Monster Energy offers a variety of flavors in its “Ultra” line of energy drinks, which are known for being low or zero-calorie and zero-sugar beverages. The lineup may differ by region and over time as new flavors are introduced and older ones are phased out. Here are some types of Ultra Monster drinks that have been available:

  1. Ultra White: This is a citrusy, lemon-lime flavored energy drink, and it’s one of the more popular options in the Ultra series.
  2. Ultra Blue: This flavor offers berry notes combined with a subtle citrus undertone.
  3. Ultra Red: This version leans towards a fruit punch or cherry flavor, being less citrusy than the Ultra White.
  4. Ultra Black: This one generally has a cherry-berry flavor and is known for its dark color.
  5. Ultra Violet: This is a grape-flavored option, often likened to grape soda but with a lighter, less sugary taste.
  6. Ultra Fiesta: This one aims to capture a tropical sensation, often compared to mango or tropical fruit flavors.
  7. Ultra Rosa: This is a grapefruit-inspired flavor, offering a balance of sweet and tart notes.
  8. Ultra Sunrise: This variant is designed to mimic the flavor of orange juice and is often seen as a morning or daytime option.
  9. Ultra Paradise: This flavor aims to offer a tropical, cucumber-melon type taste.
  10. Ultra Gold: This flavor is inspired by pineapple and offers a tropical fruity experience.
  11. Ultra Watermelon: As the name suggests, this one offers a watermelon flavor, leaning more towards a summer vibe.


Is Ultra Blue Monster Very Sweet?

No, Ultra Blue Monster is not overly sweet as it contains zero sugar. The artificial sweeteners used give it a hint of sweetness without being overpowering.

Does It Have A Strong Aftertaste?

Opinions on the aftertaste may vary, but generally, Ultra Blue Monster is noted for having a cleaner finish compared to sugar-sweetened energy drinks. Some people might detect an aftertaste from the artificial sweeteners used.

How Does It Compare To Other Monster Ultra Flavors?

Ultra Blue Monster offers a unique berry and citrus blend, making it distinct from other flavors in the Ultra line, which may focus on citrus, tropical fruits, or other flavor profiles.

Can You Taste The Caffeine In Ultra Blue Monster?

The caffeine taste is generally masked well by the berry and citrus flavors. Most people don’t notice a strong caffeine flavor.

Is The Taste Similar To Any Fruit Juices Or Sodas?

Some people liken Ultra Blue Monster to a less sweet blueberry lemonade or blue raspberry soda. However, it has a distinct flavor profile because of its zero-sugar formula.

Does Ultra Blue Monster Taste Better Cold?

While taste is subjective, many people find that chilling Ultra Blue Monster enhances its refreshing qualities and may even make the flavors more pronounced.

Does It Taste Different If You Mix It With Other Beverages?

Mixing Ultra Blue Monster with other beverages will likely alter its taste. If mixed with alcoholic beverages, for example, the berry and citrus flavors may either be enhanced or subdued, depending on what it’s mixed with.

Does The Taste Change Over Time, Like If The Can Is Left Open?

If the can is left open, the carbonation will dissipate, which could lead to a flatter taste. Additionally, exposure to air could potentially affect the flavor over time.

Is It Suitable For Mixing With Cocktails Or Mocktails?

Ultra Blue Monster can be used as a mixer in cocktails or mocktails, though doing so will change its flavor profile. Always consume responsibly and be aware of the caffeine content when mixing with alcohol.

Does Ultra Blue Monster Have Real Fruits?

Ultra Blue Monster does not contain real fruits. Like many energy drinks, it uses artificial or natural flavors to create its berry and citrus profile. These flavors aim to mimic the taste of real fruits, but it’s essential to note that you’re not getting the same nutritional benefits you would from consuming whole fruits.

Is Ultra Blue Monster Sweet?

Ultra Blue Monster is not overly sweet, thanks to its zero-sugar formula. While it does contain artificial sweeteners to give it a touch of sweetness, it avoids the syrupy or sugary taste commonly found in traditional energy drinks. The result is a more balanced, clean flavor that many people find refreshing.

Does Ultra Blue Monster Have Caffeine In It?

Yes, Ultra Blue Monster contains caffeine, like all Monster Energy drinks. The caffeine content is generally similar to other Monster variants, typically around 140-160 milligrams per 16-ounce can (please check the label for exact amounts).

Caffeine is the primary ingredient that provides the energy-boosting effect. If you’re sensitive to caffeine or have health concerns, it’s a good idea to consult a healthcare provider before consuming.

Is Ultra Blue Monster Healthy?

The term “healthy” can be subjective and depends on individual health goals and conditions. Ultra Blue Monster is a zero-sugar, zero-calorie drink, which may be seen as a “better” option compared to sugar-laden energy drinks.

However, it still contains caffeine and artificial ingredients, which may not be suitable for everyone. Always consult a healthcare provider for personalized advice.

What Does The Ultra Gold Monster Taste Like?

Ultra Gold Monster is often described as having a pineapple-inspired flavor. It offers tropical fruity notes that are both refreshing and invigorating.

Like other Monster Ultra variants, it has a clean finish due to its zero-sugar formulation, making it a unique experience compared to traditional pineapple drinks.

What Does The Pacific Punch Juice Monster Taste Like?

Pacific Punch Juice Monster offers a medley of fruit flavors like apple, orange, raspberry, cherry, and pineapple, combined with the typical energy drink ingredients.

Unlike the Ultra series, this Juice Monster variant contains sugar and juice, resulting in a sweeter, more robust flavor profile. The “punch” implies a mixture of flavors, so expect a diverse range of fruit notes when tasting.

What Tastes Best With Ultra Blue Monster?

The lighter berry and citrus notes of Ultra Blue Monster make it versatile for pairing with various foods and even for use as a mixer in cocktails or mocktails.

For food pairings, consider salty snacks like pretzels or more neutral flavors like plain crackers to balance the drink’s flavor. When used as a mixer, it pairs well with clear spirits like vodka or gin and can be combined with other fruit juices to create a more complex flavor profile. Always consume responsibly.


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