Can You Freeze Mortadella?

Can You Freeze Mortadella?

Quick Answer : Can You Freeze Mortadella?

Freezing mortadella should not be an issue because it freezes well. This deli meat is versatile and delicious. So, there can be questions about freezing mortadella. The answer is simple. You can freeze mortadella, provided you protect the meat from exposure to air or moisture inside the freezer. Besides, the versatility of mortadella makes it possible to freeze it in various ways. So, let us learn how to freeze mortadella and use them in recipes later without altering their texture and taste.

How Do You Freeze Mortadella?

Mortadella is one of the easiest meats to freeze. Besides ensuring against exposure to air, not much preparation is involved in freezing mortadella.

Freezing Entire Mortadella Chunks

Usually, people do not freeze entire mortadella chunks. But, you can freeze massive pieces of the meat, provided you have sufficient space in the freezer. However, it can be uncomfortable because you must thoroughly defrost the meat before consumption. Nevertheless, here is how you freeze it.

  1. Wrap the entire meat chunk with greaseproof or parchment paper. The key to freezing mortadella is wrapping the meat tightly, preventing exposure to air or moisture.
  2. Protect the meat further by wrapping it in cling film tightly.
  3. Place the wrapped mortadella in freezer-safe bags and seal them after expelling excess air.
  4. Mark the freezing date on the bag to let you monitor its usage.
  5. Place the freezer bag deep inside the freezer compartment allowing the contents to freeze.

Freezing Mortadella Slices

Freezing larger mortadella chunks is easier, but the process can result in wastage if you cannot consume the meat after defrosting. Therefore, slicing the mortadella meat into smaller consumable pieces is better. Then, you can defrost the quantity of meat you need rather than the whole chunk.

  1. Slice the mortadella meat into consumable portions. We suggest thicker slices to freeze better.
  2. Cut greaseproof parchment paper into appropriate sizes for wrapping the mortadella slices. You can have double wraps to prevent accidental exposure to moisture and air. Exposure to humidity and cool air inside the freezer can cause freezer burn leading to spoilage.
  3. We advise wrapping each mortadella piece separately and preventing two pieces of meat from touching each other. They can stick and be challenging to remove after freezing.
  4. Use a cling wrap to provide additional wrapping for the individual slices. Again, the objective is to prevent exposure to moisture.
  5. Place the wrapped mortadella slices into a freezer bag and seal it tightly after removing excess air. A vacuum seal can prove helpful in removing air from the bags.
  6. Stick the freezing date label on the bag and place it inside the freezer to freeze.

How Long Can You Freeze Mortadella?

Mortadella can remain frozen for two to three months in the freezer without altering its taste and texture. However, extending its storage beyond three months can deteriorate its quality. So, we recommend consuming the frozen mortadella quickly, within two months.

How Do You Defrost Frozen Mortadella?

Defrosting mortadella is essential before cooking the meat. The best defrosting mode is transferring frozen meat from the freezer to the refrigerator. The gradual change in the temperature levels allows the mortadella to defrost naturally. This process takes time but is the safest way to defrost mortadella without harming its texture.

If you face time constraints, you can try the water bath method of defrosting mortadella. Place the bag containing the frozen mortadella in a cold water bowl to immerse the bag completely in the water. The mortadella freezers comparatively quickly. However, we advise consuming the mortadella soon within a day if defrosted in this way.

You can defrost the frozen mortadella in a microwave. Use the defrosting settings on the microwave for defrosting mortadella until the ice melts and the meat becomes soft to touch.

We caution against defrosting mortadella on the kitchen counter at room temperature. This temperature is ideal for bacterial growth. So, you could end up spoiling the mortadella meat.

Can You Refreeze Mortadella?

We do not recommend refreezing mortadella because refreezing compromises its quality. In addition, you can become ill by consuming spoiled mortadella.

Can You Keep Mortadella In The Fridge?

You can preserve mortadella in the refrigerator, but it is prone to bacterial contamination. Therefore, we advise not keeping it for more than three to six days inside the fridge. Besides, we suggest wrapping the mortadella slices well before keeping them in the refrigerator. It prevents exposure to humidity and preserves the meat better.

How Long Does Mortadella Last At Room Temperature?

Generally, opened mortadella can last for seven days in the fridge. However, you cannot leave them at room temperature for more than two hours. After that, you must either consume them or return them to the refrigerator.

Does Freezing Affect Mortadella?

Mortadella freezes well. You might notice minimal changes to its texture, but its taste does not change. As a result, many people do not even notice the difference.

Can You Freeze Mortadella Sandwiches?

You can freeze mortadella sandwiches, provided they contain no challenging ingredients like mayonnaise. Mortadella is dried meat. So, there are no chances of the liquid seeping into the bread pieces and making them soggy. However, we recommend wrapping the mortadella sandwiches well with clingwrap. Otherwise, the meat can become drier and lose its taste.

Can You Freeze Store-Bought Mortadella?

Yes, mortadella is available in stores in frozen form. So, we advise freezing the store-bought mortadella within two hours of purchasing it. Otherwise, bacterial contamination could set in and make the meat unpalatable.

Can You Freeze Mortadella And Cheese Together?

It depends on the type of cheese you freeze. Mortadella and cheese can be frozen together, provided you wrap them well with parchment paper and cling wrap.

Can You Freeze Mortadella Cold Cuts?

Yes, it is possible to freeze mortadella cold cuts. You can freeze them for two to three months in the freezer, provided you prepare them well for freezing. Wrapping the meat is critical because any exposure to humidity can leave you with spoilt mortadella on your hands.

Final Thoughts

Mortadella is a deliciously dried meat that freezes well. So, there should be no problems in preserving them. We recommend freezing the deli meat in the sliced form to make it convenient during defrosting. It ensures minimum wastage.

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