Bang Star Blast Taste

What Does Bang Star Blast Taste Like?

Quick Answer

The taste of Bang Energy’s “Star Blast” flavor is often described as a mix of various fruit flavors, like cherry, strawberry, and citrus. Some people liken it to the taste of a “rocket pop” or “bomb pop,” which are red, white, and blue ice pops. The flavor also has an artificial sweetness due to its sugar-free formulation.

What is Bang Star Blast?

Bang Star Blast is one of the many flavors offered by Bang Energy, a popular brand in the energy drink market. Star Blast aims to provide a burst of energy with its unique taste that has garnered a fan following.

This flavor is often described as a fusion of multiple fruit flavors, including cherry, strawberry, and citrus. Some consumers compare its taste to that of a rocket pop or bomb pop, those colorful red, white, and blue ice pops that are a staple of American summers.

Core Ingredients

  • Carbonated Water: The base of the drink, providing its effervescent quality.
  • Caffeine: Each can contains 300mg of caffeine, designed to provide a high level of energy and mental focus.
  • BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids): Included to aid in muscle recovery and energy.
  • Electrolytes: To assist with hydration, particularly useful for those who consume the drink around workouts.

Flavor and Sweeteners

  • Natural Flavors: These contribute to the Star Blast’s unique fruity taste.
  • Sucralose and Acesulfame Potassium: These artificial sweeteners give the drink its sweetness while keeping it sugar-free.

Other Additives

  • Niacin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12: Added for potential metabolic and mental benefits.

What Does Bang Star Blast Taste Like?

First Impressions

Upon cracking open a can of Bang Star Blast, you are immediately greeted with a vibrant, fruity aroma. The scent is tantalizing and sets the stage for the taste experience to follow.

The drink itself is clear and effervescent, with bubbles rising to the top, an immediate sign of its carbonation. This sparkling appearance and invigorating smell make the first sip all the more enticing.

Flavor Notes

When it comes to flavor, Bang Star Blast is a bit of a chameleon. The initial sip introduces a burst of cherry, which quickly gives way to subtler notes of strawberry and a finishing touch of citrus.

It’s a harmonious blend that takes your taste buds on a journey, emulating the exciting fireworks of flavors one might expect from something called “Star Blast.” The fruitiness is bold but not overwhelming, making it easy to enjoy sip after sip.


After swallowing, you’re left with a lingering sweetness that stays on the tongue. This aftertaste is a result of the artificial sweeteners, primarily Sucralose, used in the beverage.

Because Bang Star Blast is sugar-free, the sweeteners work to provide that sugary satisfaction without the actual sugar content. While the aftertaste might not be as natural as that of sugar, it doesn’t have the strong chemical note that some other artificially sweetened drinks possess.


When compared to other popular flavors in the Bang Energy lineup, Star Blast stands out for its unique blend of fruitiness. For instance, while “Blue Razz” focuses more on a blue raspberry note, and “Sour Heads” delivers a tart, sour experience, Star Blast offers a more complex mixture of flavors.

As for comparisons with similar energy drinks in the market, Star Blast can be likened to Red Bull’s Tropical flavor, although the higher caffeine content and the additional performance-enhancing ingredients like BCAAs make Bang’s version more intense, both in flavor and effect.


Does Bang Star Blast Have Real Fruit?

While the Bang Star Blast flavor boasts a fruit-inspired taste-often described as a blend of cherry, strawberry, and citrus-it does not contain real fruit or fruit juice. The fruity flavor is derived from “natural flavors,” which are generally compounds extracted from plants or created synthetically to mimic the taste of real fruits.

Is Bang Star Blast Sweet?

Yes, Bang Star Blast is considered a sweet drink, despite being sugar-free. The sweetness is primarily derived from artificial sweeteners like Sucralose and Acesulfame Potassium.

These sweeteners are known for being many times sweeter than sugar, providing the drink with a sugary taste without the calories or carbohydrates.

Does Bang Star Blast Have Caffeine In It?

Absolutely, Bang Star Blast contains a significant amount of caffeine, specifically 300mg per can. This is notably higher than the caffeine content in many other mainstream energy drinks.

The high caffeine content is intended to provide a strong energy boost but should be consumed responsibly, especially if you are sensitive to caffeine or have certain medical conditions.

What Does The Rainbow Unicorn Bang Taste Like?

The Rainbow Unicorn flavor from Bang Energy is another intriguing option in their line-up. This particular flavor is often described as a mixture of fruity and sweet, almost candy-like tastes, somewhat similar to cotton candy or a tropical fruit punch. Like Star Blast, Rainbow Unicorn also derives its flavors from artificial and natural flavoring agents, rather than real fruit.

How Does The Champagne Bang Taste Like?

The Champagne flavor of Bang Energy is unique in that it aims to capture the essence of the celebratory beverage without the alcohol. Unlike traditional champagne, it is non-alcoholic and contains the standard 300mg of caffeine.

The flavor is described as crisp and somewhat sweet, but not overwhelmingly so. It doesn’t precisely mimic the taste of real champagne but offers a light, refreshing flavor that some find quite enjoyable.

What Tastes Best With Bang Star Blast?

Given its fruity, sweet profile, Bang Star Blast pairs well with lighter foods that won’t overshadow its flavors. Consider enjoying it with a fruit bowl or a light salad with a citrus-based dressing.

It also complements the taste of white meats like chicken or turkey. Some even enjoy it as a mixer in non-alcoholic cocktails, using its fruity flavors to add complexity to drinks. However, given its high caffeine content, it should be consumed responsibly and not mixed with alcohol.

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