Can You Freeze Plantains?

Can You Freeze Plantains?

Plantain is a preferred vegetable in many parts of the world, while people relish its relative, the banana, as a fruit. Plantain is a delicious and nutritious vegetable. The exciting aspect of the plantain vegetable is the various ways you can cook them.

So, you can have them as part of your main course, as an accompaniment, or even as a snack. So, if you purchase more plantain than you can cook and consume in a single sitting, storing them could be an issue because they can ripen when placed at room temperature.

Can You Freeze Plantains?

The answer is YES. You can conveniently freeze plantain and enjoy it for up to six months.

Let us learn how to freeze plantain.

How Do You Freeze Plantain?

You can freeze plantain as you get them from the vegetable market, i.e., without peeling them. Alternatively, you can peel the plantain and freeze them.

My favorite way is to peel and freeze because it saves me the trouble of peeling them subsequently. However, you can freeze them with their coats on.

Let us do it my way.

Step 1 – Peel The Plantains

Use a peeler to peel off the plantain skin. Alternatively, you can peel off the skin using a kitchen knife.

Step 2 – Chop The Plantains

Chop the plantain into half or smaller slicers if you love to cook them that way. You can even slice them into chips and freeze them.

Step 3 – Place Them In Airtight Containers Or Zip-Lock Freezer Bags

We recommend splitting the plantains into serving-size portions when placing them in the freezer bags. Then, it becomes easier when defrosting and cooking them.

Step 4 – Seal And Freeze

Finally, you remove the air from the bags and seal them. Labeling them is beneficial because it helps you track your freezing process. You can place the freezer bags in the freezer for five to six months.

Though the frozen plantains can remain fresh for six months, consuming them within three months is better. Otherwise, freezer burn can set in and affect the taste.

How To Freeze Mashed Plantains?

Freezing mashed plantains is more straightforward. You can mash the plantains and transfer the contents to an airtight container. Secure the lid after removing the air. Then, please place it in the freezer. Mashed frozen plantains can also last comfortably for six months without losing taste and flavor.

Please take care to add a tablespoon of lime juice per fruit. Then, mix it well before freezing.

How To Defrost Frozen Plantains?

You can cook frozen plantains by transferring them directly from the freezer to the cooking pan. However, defrosting frozen plantain is easy. You can thaw them in two ways.

Option 1

Take some warm water in a bowl. Transfer the required quantity of plantain and place them inside the warm water for around ten minutes. As the water can get cool quickly, it is better to change it every three minutes. The thawing process speeds up accordingly.

Option 2

You can also defrost the plantain in the microwave oven. However, you should cover the plantains with paper towels before microwaving them. Microwave the plantains on high power for two minutes. Dry the plantains using paper towels. Repeat the procedure until they get defrosted completely.

Can You Refreeze Plantains?

We do not recommend refreezing plantains. It is better to consume them because refreezing them can make them soggy. Besides, they lose their taste and flavor.

However, you can leave them in the refrigerator for a day if you have any leftovers after consuming them. Subsequently, you must discard them.

How Long Can You Store Plantains In The Refrigerator?

Plantains can remain fresh in the refrigerator for one week. However, they can turn black if exposed to air. Without ripening, you can store plantains at room temperature for two to three days. However, freezing them is the best option if you plan to keep them for extended periods.

Can You Freeze Boiled Plantains?

You can freeze boiled plantains. However, you should ensure to cool the cooked vegetables to room temperature before freezing them. The method of freezing boiled plantains is the same as freezing raw plantains. Store the boiled/mashed vegetables in a freezer pack and seal them after removing the air. Freeze the bag for five to six months. They retain their taste and texture for six months.

Can You Freeze Fried Plantains?

Freezing fried plantains is also possible, but they should be cooled to room temperature. Besides, you should remove the excess oil from the fried plantains before placing them in the airtight container.

Can You Fry Plantains Directly From The Freezer?

You can fry frozen plantains directly from the freezer without defrosting them. Please place them in the hot pan and wait until they turn golden brown. However, you should not crowd the pan with frozen plantains, or they can stick together while frying.

Can You Freeze Ripe Plantains?

You can freeze ripe plantains. They taste sweet and creamy. Besides, you can ass them directly from the freezer to your ice-creams, smoothies, and other desserts.

Can You Wrap Plantains In Plastic Wrap Before Freezing?

You can wrap the ripe plantains in plastic wrap and freeze them for three months.

Are Bananas And Plantains The Same?

Though they look similar, bananas and plantains are different. They belong to the same vegetable family but differ in texture, flavor, and taste.

Do Plantains Bruise When Thawing?

Plantains bruise slightly during the thawing process. However, the taste does not change much.

How Do Frozen Plantains Taste?

Raw frozen plantains cannot be eaten directly without cooking. However, they taste like potatoes or sweet potatoes on boiling, grilling, or frying them. Ripe frozen plantains are sweet to taste.

Final Thoughts

Can you freeze plantains? Many people have this doubt, and they generally feel plantains and bananas spoil quickly when refrigerated. However, you can freeze raw and ripe plantain by following the procedure described here. They can remain fresh for three to six months, but we recommend consuming them as quickly as possible.

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