Can You Freeze Seitan?

Can You Freeze Seitan?

Quick Answer : Can You Freeze Seitan?

Yes. You can freeze seitan. But it changes its texture slightly when frozen compared to when it is fresh. Hence, many people prefer freezing seitan before cooking it. Nevertheless, you can freeze the seitan after cooking it. You can also freeze store-bought seitan. This meat alternative is ideal for freezing. So, if you have prepared more than what you can consume in a sitting, you can consider freezing it.

How Do You Freeze Seitan?

Seitan is the perfect alternative to meat because of its similar texture and nutritional value, especially when you have suitable flavoring. Freezing seitan is straightforward. You can freeze all types of seitan. Let us see how to do it.

Freezing Seitan In A Broth

We suggest slicing the seitan into consumable portions, similar to how you slice meat.

  1. It can be challenging to freeze large seitan pieces. Hence, freezing seitan in small portions is suitable.
  2. When freezing seitan as a broth, we advise cooling it before attempting to freeze it.
  3. Pour the cooled seitan into an airtight plastic container, like Tupperware.
  4. Place the container in the freezer after noting the freezing date.

Freezing Homemade Seitan

Seitan has simple ingredients like wheat gluten and water. It does not contain the preservatives that store-bought seitan has.

Freezing homemade seitan is easy. All you ensure is that the seitan is frozen in airtight containers. Unfortunately, exposure to air can spoil the dish.

Freezing Store-Bought Seitan

Freezing store-bought seitan is straightforward and similar to freezing homemade seitan. Usually, the readymade seitan packets have the freezing duration mentioned on them. But, you can freeze it comfortably for extended portions.

  1. Cut the seitan into pieces convenient for consumption.
  2. Place these pieces in ziplock freezer bags and expel excess air before sealing them tightly. Plastic airtight containers are also suitable for freezing seitan. Under such circumstances, ensure to close the lids tightly.
  3. Note the freezing date and push the bags/containers inside the freezer to let the seitan freeze.

Freezing Cooked Seitan

Cooked seitan is straightforward. However, you should ensure to cool the seitan for around 15 minutes. Freezing it hot can be detrimental because the condensation can cause the seitan to become soggy.

Once cooled, wrap the seitan in clingfilm or aluminum foils. Place the wrapped seitan inside freezer bags and store them inside the freezer, allowing it to freeze.

Freezing Uncooked Seitan

Freezing uncooked seitan is more straightforward than freezing cooked seitan. There is no need to cool the dish. So, you can wrap the raw seitan in an aluminum wrap and place them in freezer bags. Expel air from these bags before sealing them airtight.

People prefer freezing the seitan frozen before cooking them because it makes the dish chewier.

How Long Can You Freeze The Seitan Without Compromising Its Texture And Taste?

Generally, homemade seitan can last for three months. But, if you freeze it right by wrapping it well and removing excess air, you can freeze it for six months.

Similarly, the readymade store-bought seitan comes with a label that it is not recommended to freeze it for more than two weeks. But, you can comfortably freeze it for three to six months.

How Do You Defrost Seitan?

You can defrost the seitan in the fridge. First, transfer the seitan from the freezer to the refrigerator and keep it there for around two to three hours. After that, the seitan should defrost and be ready for consumption.

Alternatively, you can thaw the frozen seitan in a cold water bowl until it thaws. But, please ensure not to open the packet while defrosting.

However, if you have frozen the seitan in a soup, you can transfer it directly from the freezer to the microwave for reheating.

Does Freezing Seitan Affect Its Texture And Taste?

Similar to most frozen foods, seitan can change its texture. Freezing seitan affects its elasticity, but the taste does not change. Freshly made seitan tastes better than frozen seitan. So, whether you like it fresh or frozen is a personal choice.

Can You Refrigerate Seitan?

It is possible to refrigerate seitan for three to five days in the fridge. The best way to cool it is to pack it in sealed containers and let it chill. The store-bought seitan packages have the ‘USE BY’ dates. You can refrigerate them until that date.

Can You Refreeze Seitan?

We never recommend refreezing seitan because it can damage its texture, making it soggy.

Can You Reheat Seitan?

Generally, you consume seitan hot. Once you have defrosted the seitan, you can reheat it in a frying pan or a microwave. However, the seitan would be dry after defrosting. Hence, we recommend adding water to it before reheating it. It prevents the seitan from drying out during reheating. In addition, the water allows it to regain its consistency.

Can You Freeze Seitan Dough?

You can freeze the seitan dough as you freeze any raw dough. Freezing it does not change its texture and taste. However, you ensure preventing exposure to moisture and cool air inside the refrigerator. Therefore, we suggest wrapping each seitan dough ball in plastic cling film and aluminum foil before freezing them in freezer bags inside the freezer.

Can You Freeze Fresh Seitan?

Yes. It is possible to freeze fresh seitan the way described here. However, we suggest taking precautions to prevent exposure to moisture. Otherwise, the seitan can become soggy and unpalatable.

Can You Freeze Leftover Seitan?

Yes. There are no problems freezing leftover seitan. The freezing method is the same as for freezing cooked seitan.

Can You Freeze Baked Seitan?

Yes. It is possible to freeze baked seitan. However, we recommend cooling the baked seitan entirely to room temperature. Freezing hot seitan can spoil its texture and affect its freezing.

Can You Freeze Seitan Recipes?

Yes. You can freeze seitan recipes. We suggest keeping the dishes in a freezer-safe container. Cover the entire dish with saran wrap or cling film to prevent exposure to moisture. It also ensures that the liquid does not seep out of the package. Place the wrapped dish inside freezer bags and set them to freeze in the freezer.

Final Thoughts

Seitan is an excellent alternative to meat. So, seitan lovers have questions about whether they can freeze seitan and consume them later. The happy news is that you can freeze seitan after taking the necessary precautions.

Image Credit : Amy Stephenson from New York, USACC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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