Can You Freeze Slurpee?

Can You Freeze Slurpee?

Quick Answer : Can You Freeze Slurpee?

If you are looking for a one-word answer to the question, the answer is NO. You cannot freeze Slurpee. The main reason why you cannot freeze Slurpee is that it is already in its frozen form. All you do is take the cap off for the ice to form. But, it will take around two minutes to spread downwards and for the bottle to freeze. Once you have iced the soda, you can try pouring it into a glass and watch how slushy it becomes.

Now, The Question Arises. What Is A Slurpee?

Slurpee is a non-alcoholic beverage manufactured by the ICEE company and sold by 7-Eleven. Therefore, Slurpee is a specific brand that is not available anywhere else. Similar products available at other retail outlets are called ICEE or slushies. But, Slurpee is different from slushies.

Is There Any Difference Between Icee And Slurpee?

There is no difference between ICEE and Slurpee. They are the same, but 7-eleven has the licensing rights to call the ICEE a Slurpee. Therefore, no one else can refer to the drink as a Slurpee. At the most, they can refer to it as slushies.

How Is Slurpee Different From Slushies?

Before we discuss the differences, let us look at the similarities because most people consider Slurpee and slushie to be the same. Therefore, people refer to them interchangeably.

  1. Both Slurpee and slushie are made from frozen ice.
  2. Both have a sugary beverage that comes in various flavors.

The Slurpee gets its name from the slurpy sound a person makes when drinking it. On the other hand, you can eat the slushies with a spoon.

So, Can We Call The Slurpee And Slushy The Same?

Slurpee is a specific brand name, whereas slushie is a generic term. Slurpee is available only at 7-eleven stores, whereas slushies are available at general stores. So, every Slurpee is a slushie, but every slushie is not a Slurpee.

Can We Call Slurpee A Carbonated Slushie?

Yes, you can call the Slurpee a carbonated slushy because it contains soda and properties similar to slushies.

So, The Question Arises, Can We Freeze Slushies?

We cannot freeze slushies but store them in a freezer. But, preparing a fresh slushie is always advisable rather than keeping it in the freezer. The freezer must be at a constant temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit to store the slushie.

How Long Can Slushies Last In The Freezer?

Slushies can last for three months in the freezer but without the soda. So, if you wish to have a slushie anytime, you can remove them from the freezer, defrost them and add soda. You get the delicious frozen slushies ready within minutes.

What Will Happen If You Put The Slushie With The Soda In The Freezer?

A slushie is a mixture of ice and water. So, if you keep it in the fridge, the ice melts, and the slushie becomes watery and diluted. This drink retains the flavor but not the texture. On the other hand, it freezes in the freezer and becomes solid.

What Will Happen If You Keep A Slurpee In The Freezer?

The Slurpee freezes solid and loses its pseudo-carbonization. Therefore, it flattens out and becomes bland.

So, How Do You Defrost Or Unfreeze A Slurpee?

The easiest way to unfreeze a Slurpee is to let it rest at room temperature for about ten minutes. Alternatively, you can place the bag under warm water for 30 seconds. Massage the pouch gently. The warmth from your hands allows the Slurpee to thaw. You get a slushy consistency. You can now remove the cap, squeeze it, and have a great time.

Can You Freeze Homemade Slurpee?

First of all, Slurpee is a brand name. Therefore, you cannot make a Slurpee at home. However, you can make slushies at home but cannot call them Slurpee because 7-eleven has the sole right to use the name Slurpee.

When it comes to freezing homemade slushies, you cannot freeze them. But, you can keep the slushies in the freezer without the soda.

How Does 7-Eleven Make Slurpee?

The Slurpee machine is a complicated device that manufactures frozen drinks. Slurpee is made by mixing specially formulated flavor concentrates with specific quantities of water and carbon dioxide gas. The mixture is then frozen under high pressure to create the original world-renowned carbonated beverage in a soft fluffy texture.

How Many Slurpee Flavors Are Available?

Various Slurpee flavors are available. The most common flavors are frozen Cherry, Coca-Cola, and Mountain Dew. Slurpee flavors have unique names like Kissin Cousin, Redeye, Sticky Icky, Pink Fink, Moonshine, Gully Washer, and Adults only.

Where Is Slurpee Available Globally?

7-eleven has its outlets in 20 countries globally, including Asian countries like China, Japan, India, Singapore, etc.

Why Is Slurpee Also Called Brain Freeze?

Slurpee is cold and fizzy. Besides, it has a lovely flavor. So, if you drink it too fast, the mucus can melt and cause a massive headache. Therefore, one should gradually drink the slurpy using the straw and make a slurpy sound as they gulp one sip after the other.

Can You Store Slurpee In Any Way?

You cannot store Slurpee anywhere. You must consume it immediately after purchasing it.

Can I Bring The Slurpee Home And Freeze It In The Freezer?

You can keep Slurpee in the freezer, but it will no longer be a Slurpee afterward because it loses its carbonization and becomes a bland drink. It freezes solid. You can defrost it, but the taste and fizz would be absent.

Still, Is There A Way To Make A Slurpee At Home?

You can try making a Slurpee using the following ingredients. You will need a packet of Kool-Air Mix, a quarter cup of agave nectar or lemonade, and club soda. Please note that you cannot call it a Slurpee.

Can You Prepare A Coca-Cola Slurpee?

You can prepare Coca-Cola Slurpee in the following manner.

  1. Get an instant freezing soda and shake the bottle thoroughly.
  2. Put the bottle in the freezer for three hours and 15 minutes precisely.

So, you get an instant Coca-Cola Slurpee. But, you cannot call it a Slurpee because of trademark violations.

Final Thoughts

Slurpee is an exciting non-alcoholic beverage found in 7-eleven stores globally. Officially, you cannot prepare Slurpee at home. However, we have discussed preparing a Slurpee equivalent at home.

Coming back to the question, Can you freeze Slurpee? The answer is NO because it is already available in frozen form.

Image Source : Nehrams2020CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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