Can You Freeze Tempeh?

Can You Freeze Tempeh?

Tempeh should be one of the first foods to have when improving your diet because it is a perfect vegan alternative to meat snacks that everyone relishes. Tempeh has its origins in Indonesia, but it has become renowned globally as one of the most consumed soy dishes. Even though tempeh has become popular, many people do not know about it. So, there can be questions regarding storing tempeh and consuming them later.

Therefore, if you have a large helping of tempeh, you need good info on how to preserve it to enjoy its nutritional content. So, let us look at the recommended storage options for tempeh.

How Do You Store Tempeh?

Purchasing fresh tempeh is crucial because it can last longer. So, if you feel tempted to have more tempeh, you can store it by following the precautions listed here.

  1. Seasoning Is Crucial – You can season the tempeh with salt and garlic. These natural preservatives help extend the tempeh’s shelf life considerably.
  2. Refrigeration Is An Option – Refrigerating tempeh extends its shelf life further because tempeh does not store well at room temperature. So, we advise placing the tempeh in an enclosed plastic container in the fridge. It can last comfortably for a week.

But, if you need to store the tempeh for a longer duration, you have to search for alternative options.

Can You Freeze Tempeh?

Fortunately, you can freeze tempeh without compromising its taste and texture. Tempeh is healthy and full of nutritional value. Besides, it is tasty. So, wasting the tempeh can be heartbreaking. But, then, why should you waste it when you can freeze the tempeh and consume it later? So, let us learn how to freeze the tempeh.

How Do You Freeze Tempeh?

Freezing tempeh is easy. You do not have to prepare it much.

  1. Take a freezer-safe ziplock bag or an airtight container.
  2. Pack the tempeh well into them and ensure not to overcrowd the container.
  3. Squeeze the residual air and seal the containers or freezer bags properly. Exposure to air and moisture is not advisable as it can affect the tempeh’s structure.
  4. We advise noting the freezing date and the contents before pushing the container or the freezer bags into the freezer for proper freezing.

Freezing Tempeh Before Cooking

  1. If you have bought the tempeh from the store and have not opened it yet, you can place it in the freezer in its original packing. Then, you can use it whenever you need it.
  2. However, if you have opened the package, please ensure to wrap the tempeh in a double layer of plastic cling wrap before placing them into the freezer bag or airtight container.
  3. Alternatively, you can apportion the tempeh into consumable portions by slicing them accordingly.
  4. Continue with the freezing process as described above.

Freezing Cooked Tempeh

  1. Cool the tempeh to room temperature. We do not suggest freezing warm tempeh as condensation can harm its texture.
  2. Distribute the tempeh into individual serving sizes before placing them in appropriately-sized freezer-safe containers or ziplock bags.
  3. The procedure for freezing cooked tempeh is the same as described previously.

An Alternative Method Of Freezing Tempeh

  1. Plunge the tempeh into boiling water for 30 seconds. Tap it dry and wrap the tempeh well. You can add the required spices and herbs to the boiling water to flavor the tempeh.
  2. Follow the freezing procedure discussed above.

How Long Can You Maintain The Frozen Tempeh Without Affecting Its Texture?

The frozen tempeh can remain fresh for six months. However, we suggest consuming it within the period to enjoy its optimal taste.

How Do You Thaw The Tempeh?

The following steps should enable you to thaw the tempeh.

Defrosting Uncooked Frozen Tempeh

  1. Remove the frozen tempeh contents from the freezer and transfer them to the fridge. The tempeh thaws gradually and naturally. Please do not unwrap the tempeh before it softens thoroughly.
  2. This procedure can take time. So, we suggest starting overnight if you wish to consume the tempeh the following morning.
  3. Once thawed, you can unwrap it and use it in various recipes.

Defrosting Cooked Frozen Tempeh

  1. The microwave defrost method is advisable for thawing cooked frozen tempeh.
  2. You can transfer the tempeh from the freezer to a microwave. Microwave the tempeh using the defrost settings on the appliance.
  3. You can refrigerate the reheated tempeh for 48 hours.

Can You Refreeze The Tempeh?

We do not recommend refreezing tempeh because refreezing it can vary its texture irrevocably. It will turn mushy and become unpalatable.

Can You Freeze Tempeh Bacon?

You can freeze tempeh bacon. However, it is better to note that the tempeh might not be crispy as it defrosts. But you can make it crisp again after thawing.

So, we advise freezing tempeh bacon in freezer bags in single layers. Besides, please ensure cooling the tempeh bacon before freezing.

Can You Freeze Marinated Tempeh?

Tempeh lasts long when you marinate it with salt and garlic. Then, you can freeze the marinated tempeh the way described here.

Can You Freeze Tempeh In A Sauce?

It is possible to freeze tempeh in a sauce. However, please ensure no exposure to moisture because it can damage its structure.

Can You Freeze Leftover Tempeh From Your Plate?

You can freeze leftover tempeh, provided you remove the other food particles that stick to it. Follow the procedure described above for freezing cooked tempeh. However, we do not advise storing leftovers for extended periods. Please consume it quickly. Refrigerating the leftover tempeh is a better option.

Can You Freeze Tempeh Tofu?

Tempeh is a soy dish, and so is tofu. Therefore, you can freeze tempeh tofu.

Can You Freeze Tempeh With Soup?

Yes, you can freeze tempeh with soup. However, if you plan to add cream, we advise you to add it when serving.

Can You Free Tempeh Curry?

Tempeh curry freezes well and can remain fresh for three months. You can also keep the tempeh curry in the fridge for five days.

Final Words

Tempeh is a fantastic vegan option to have when dieting. While it is nourishing, it does not build up fat. So, you can have large batches of tempeh when you go on a continuous dieting spree. Therefore, freezing the tempeh is a viable option.

So, can you freeze tempeh? Yes, you can, and we have seen how to do it.

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