Can You Freeze Tteok?

Can You Freeze Tteok?

Tteok should be one of the favorite foods of people who love Korean cuisine. Tteok, the name might be challenging to pronounce. But, it is one of the easiest foods to prepare because it does not contain anything else than rice. Tteok is made from rice, steamed, and pounded to give it a distinctively chewy structure.

In the olden days, they used to prepare logs of tteok and slice them into consumable sizes. However, machines are available today that prepare the tteok (rice cakes) in cylindrical forms you can cut into appropriate sizes, depending on the individual’s preferences. Generally, you get it sliced or rolled into a cocoon-shaped formation.

Tteok has its utility in various recipes, including soups, stir-fries, stews, chicken, and other combinations. In Korea, you have specialized tteok stores similar to bakeries where you can pick them up like bread. But, please note that it is a perishable item. So, if you have bought a large pack of tteok or prepared it in sufficient quantities that cannot be consumed in a single session, you look for storage options. In addition, the rice cakes can become hard when cooled.

Can You Freeze Tteok?

Rice dishes freeze well, but you can expect them to become mushy when defrosted. However, you can take the appropriate precautions and prevent them from becoming soggy and unfit for consumption.

While we advise consuming tteok warm and fresh, you can refrigerate them for three to four days. So, if you wish to store them longer, you can freeze them. Of course, the texture could change slightly, but we can help you overcome the problem. So, let us learn how to freeze tteok.

How Do You Freeze Tteok?

Freezing Cooked Tteok

Freezing rice cakes or tteok should not be a problem if you follow the correct procedures. The problems arise with freezing rice cakes only when you cook them. So, we advise cooking tteok in quantities you can consume quickly. Still, if you have to store them, you can refrigerate and consume them within three to four days. Please seal the storage container airtight when placing them in the fridge. So, if you have cooked rice, you can refrigerate rather than freeze them. But, if you have bought the tteok from the store, they are ideal for freezing.

Freezing Uncooked Rice Cakes (Tteok In Korean)

Generally, store-bought tteok comes wrapped well. We suggest purchasing the individually wrapped tteok instead of buying it in bulk in a single package. It makes freezing tteok easy. You can freeze the packaged rice cakes in their original packaging. However, if you have opened the packages, follow the procedure.

  1. Fetch a silicone baking mat or a baking tray. Use parchment paper to like the plastic baking tray and place the tteok pieces on them. Please see that the cakes do not touch each other as they can become stuck together when freezing. Push the tray into the freezer and freeze them
  2. Once the cakes solidify, you can transfer them from the baking tray to an airtight freezer bag or an airtight plastic container. Please use plastic wrap to seal the container before closing it. If using a freezer bag, ensure to expel air before sealing it airtight.
  3. Vacuum sealing is a good option as it enables air removal from the freezer bags. However, exposure to air and moisture can cause freezer burn and damage the rice cakes. Besides, they can turn mushy.
  4. Finally, stick the date labels that enable tracking the freezing process properly. Then, push the freezer bags or the containers into the freezer and freeze the contents.

How Long Can The Frozen Tteok Remain Fresh For Consumption?

Frozen tteok can remain fresh for consumption three to four months from the freezing date. Hence, labeling the containers/freezer bags with the freezing date becomes significant.

How Do You Defrost The Frozen Tteok?

Ideally, you defrost the frozen tteok in the refrigerator. Please transfer the frozen tteok from the freezer to the fridge and let it defrost gradually. The process can take 24 hours. Once defrosted thoroughly, it is possible to pan-smear the thawed tteok and use them in sauce or any recipe as you deem fit.

Can You Refreeze Tteok?

We do not advise refreezing tteok because the process can alter its texture beyond repair. The cakes can become mushy and inedible. So, we recommend consuming the tteok as quickly as possible.

Can You Freeze Tteokbokki?

Tteokbokki is a spicy and saucy simmered disk with boiled eggs or fish cakes and sauce dressing. Since it is a cooked dish, we do not recommend freezing tteokbokki. In addition, the texture can suffer after freezing, making the tteokbokki inedible. However, you can freeze tteokbokki if you soak the disk in cold water for an hour before use.

Can You Freeze Uncooked Tteokbokki?

Yes, it is possible to freeze uncooked tteokbokki.

Can You Freeze Rice Krispie Cake?

It is possible to freeze rice Krispie cakes despite using melted marshmallows. They freeze well.

Can You Freeze Cycling Rice Cakes?

Rice cycling cakes can accompany you on your cycling trips and provide the necessary nutrition. You can wrap the individual portions of rice cycling cakes and freeze them.

Can You Freeze Quaker Rice Cakes?

Quaker rice cakes are store-bought tteok. You can freeze them adequately wrapped and stored in airtight containers for three to four months.

Can You Freeze Homemade Rice Cakes?

It is possible to freeze homemade tteok or rice cakes. We suggest preparing the rice cakes without cooking them. They last longer in the freezer than cooked rice cakes.

Can You Freeze Asian Rice Cakes?

Yes, it is possible to freeze Asian rice cakes. For example, tteok is an Asian recipe, and we have seen how to freeze tteok.

Can You Freeze Rice Bubble Cake?

You can freeze bubble rice cakes by slicing them and wrapping them in cling film before placing them in the freezer. The cakes can last for three months.

Final Thoughts

Tteok is a Korean delicacy available in its uncooked form in departmental stores. You can also prepare tteok at home. While freezing cooked tteok can be an issue because its texture can change and become mushy, there are no problems in freezing uncooked rice cakes. You can take the precautions listed here and freeze them comfortably for three to four months.

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