Can You Freeze Iced Cakes?

Can You Freeze Iced Cakes?

It’s your child’s birthday party, and you have ordered a large, iced cake with toppings. But unfortunately, all its friends do not turn up due to the pandemic. So, you are left with a sufficiently big chunk of cake that you would not like to throw away. Under such circumstances, the first question that comes to your mind is, ‘Can you freeze iced cakes‘ in your refrigerator?

Can You Freeze Iced Cakes?

This question elicits a mixed response. Though it is not the best of ideas to freeze iced cakes, you can do so in an emergency.

How Do You Freeze An Iced Cake?

Please follow my suggestions carefully to get the best results.

Step 1 – Remove All Decorations

Start by removing the decorations on the cake. Decorations are colorful and attractive but can run when you thaw your cake. Also, if the cake includes ornaments like butterfly wings, they will collapse. So, please remove them and store them in the cake box at room temperature.

Step 2 – Separate Different Tiers And Wrap Them Distinctly

Generally, people purchase cakes with various layers stacked one over the other. In effect, you can treat them as different cakes. So, proceed to separate the different tires. The lower layers might not have the icing. Therefore, they require a different treatment.

It is not advisable to remove the cake from the cake board. However, your freezer should have enough space to accommodate it. Use a cling film to wrap your cake lightly. Stretching it tight can leave undesirable marks on the icing. Please place it in the freezer box.

It is better to choose a fast-freeze option if you have one in your refrigerator. It helps freeze your cake faster.

Once frozen, you can remove the box and wrap the cake in multiple layers of cling film. It helps retain the freshness for extended periods. Now, you can place it in a freezer bag. Alternatively, wrapping it in aluminum foil is not a bad idea.

No one can resist their temptations if they have a piece of cake lying inside the refrigerator. So, let us see how to thaw the cake and have it.

How To Thaw A Frozen Iced Cake?

A critical aspect to note is that you cannot eat the cake right out of the freezer. It is essential to melt it.

Start by removing the wrappings carefully. Generally, you will find ice crystals over the wrapping. You can brush them away comfortably. Once you have removed the wrapping, please do not rush to eat it straight away. Instead, leave it uncovered in the dining room or place it on the kitchen table. Preferably, you should keep it out of your child’s reach.

The cake needs time to thaw. It depends on various factors like the cake’s size and the ambient temperature. Generally, it is advisable to leave the cake kept uncovered overnight.

As the icing melts, you will find condensation that could make your cake look sticky. It is not advisable to touch your cake and leave fingerprints. The stickiness will disappear in some time. At times, the icing can display a grainy look. However, that should not be a problem. Your cake would be too delicious for anyone to notice.

How Long Can You Freeze An Iced Cake?

If you follow the procedure correctly, you can keep your iced cake frozen for two to three months. But do you think it will remain in your freezer for an extended duration? Your child would demand it on its plate the following day.

What Do You Do With The Layers You Separate?

We have discussed how to freeze an iced cake. An iced cake can have layers that do not have any icing. You should treat them as regular cakes and freeze them accordingly. The best way is to wrap them in a double layer of cling film or plastic wrap and place them in a plastic bag inside your freezer.

Why Do You Separate The Layers Of An Iced Cake?

Separating and wrapping the individual layers of an iced cake prevents them from sticking to each other during defrosting.

How Do Frozen Iced Cakes Taste?

It depends on how you store it. If you have followed the procedure discussed here, there is no reason why your iced cakes should not taste the same as on the day they were baked.

Here are some questions people generally have about freezing cakes.

Which Are The Best Cakes To Freeze?

We have discussed freezing iced cakes. Other cakes that can be frozen without compromising their taste and flavor are chocolate cakes, banana cakes, pumpkin cakes, carrot cakes, etc. However, you should never freeze cakes when they are hot. Instead, wait for them to become completely cool before freezing them.

Can You Refreeze An Iced Cake?

You can refreeze an iced cake, but you have to be prepared to face some undesirable results. There could be crust formation over your refrozen cakes. They might lose their texture, flavor, and taste.

Nevertheless, you can refreeze them. The procedure for refreezing an iced cake is the same as freezing an iced cake. However, you should refreeze it within four days. When you refreeze food items, they lose their flavor. Besides, the ice crystals can become larger.

Can You Reheat A Frozen Iced Cake?

Before you reheat a frozen iced cake, it is better to bring it to room temperature in the wrapped position. You can reheat it if the cake feels slightly firm or dry. However, ensure to place it on a baking sheet before putting it into the oven. Please be careful with your time settings, or you could end up with a mess. The cake can melt with the heat inside the cooking range.

Final Words

Generally, cakes taste the best when they are fresh. However, circumstances can cause you to pop the question, can you freeze iced cakes.’ Yes, you can, but I rarely advise people to do so. Secondly, following the proper procure is critical.

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