West Kington Nurseries near Chippenham, Wiltshire

We have been looking for a wholesale supplier of fresh potted herbs for our new Bath shop {opening soon} and through the power of social media we discovered the beautiful West Kington nurseries, between Bath and Chippenham.

You really will need an Ordnance Survey map to find them – they are in the middle of nowhere. The drive is beautiful – rolling, wooded, scenic Wiltshire countryside at its best.

When you arrive the production manager, a lovely Polish lady called Aga, introduces you to the nursery and tells you all about their plants.

There are at least 20 acres here under full production from perennials to shrubs, trees, climbers and herbs.

As soon as you enter the herb polytunnel the smell will take your breath away. So many different varieties of sage, rosemary, thyme, mint, fennel and every type of herb you could imagine.

You could spend all day here and not see everything – the scale is overwhelming. They must grow hundreds of thousands of plants – all need looking after, watering, protecting, staking and labelling.

So much respect is owed to the horticulturalists that become plant nursery owners – it is a labour of love. Many of the plants are out in the open air – susceptible to attacks by hail, frost, birds, insects….It is not a job for the faint hearted. A very effective sprinkler spray system keeps pots moist in the dry weather.

We look forward to stocking beautiful plants in our shop – edible, decorative or both.

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